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Vitamin C -Lead toxicity

Posted by Gerhard Fourie on

Written on the 10 July 2016 by YSCP

Although the use of lead paint and leaded gasoline has been discontinued in many countries, lead toxicity continues to be a significant health problem, especially in children living in urban areas. Other sources of lead toxicity have been identified as well. Children who are chronically exposed to lead are more likely to develop learning disabilities, behavioural problems, and to have a low IQ. In adults, lead toxicity may result in kidney damage, high blood pressure, anaemia and cataracts.

In a US national survey of more than 10,000 adults found that blood lead level (BLL), were inversely related to serum vitamin C levels.

Cigarette smoking or second-hand exposure to cigarette smoke contributes to increased BLL and a state of chronic low-level lead exposure. An intervention trial in adult male smokers found that supplementation with vitamin C resulted in significantly lower BLL over a four-week treatment period compared to placebo.

Citations and References may be found here.

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