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Baby Teething -a Solution that gels

Posted by Gerhard Fourie on

Written on the 28 March 2016 by The Compounding Team

A baby's teeth started developing while in the uterus (womb), when tiny teeth buds are formed. After birth, when one or more teeth are pushing through the baby's gums, it may be painful and perhaps swollen. Some babies sprout their first teeth with no problems at all, but sometimes this can make them quite tetchy.
Teething symptoms could be:

  • red and swollen gums
  • red flushed cheeks or face
  • heavy drooling
  • gum rubbing, biting or sucking
  • rubbing an ear on the same side as an erupting tooth
  • sleepless at night and wakeful during the day
  • not feeding as well
  • irritable and unsettled
  • a small blister on the gum

Should you use teething gels?
Teething gels compounded by Your Solution Compounding Pharmacy usually contain Lignocaine and Chlorhexidine, a local anaesthetic and an antiseptic, which work together to ease the pain and prevent infection. You can give your baby a small amount; rubbed onto the sore gum with a clean finger. Choose a teething gel that is free from sugar, alcohol and aspirin.

If you are breastfeeding, it's best not to administer teething gel just before a feed. It can numb your baby's tongue and make it hard to suck properly. It may also numb your areola, which will make feeding difficult for both of you.

Be cautious of teething gels containing salicylate
Some teething gels contain an aspirin-like product called choline salicylate. This ingredient may cause side effects in a child if used in large amounts or for extended periods of time.
Be aware that teething gels containing choline salicylate are not suitable for children under 4 months of age. If you do decide to use a teething gel containing choline salicylate, don't apply it to your child's gums more often than once every 3 hours.

If in doubt, or need more information about teething gels, please contact Your Solution Compounding Pharmacy for more information, or visit us at 1/6 Pine Rivers Office Park, 205 Leitchs Rd. Brendale, QLD.

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