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When we think of allergies, most often we think of hay fever which can cause swelling, sneezing, itching, tearing eyes, and a runny nose. Hay fever is exacerbated by the pollen of certain plants. Year-around allergies may be caused by dust mites, molds, and other pervasive allergens.

When a given allergen is present, an allergic individual suffers with allergic symptoms because of an exaggerated immune response. What happens is that substances called IgEs flood the nasal passages, eosinophils (white blood cells) arrive, and inflammatory substances (histamine, prostaglandins, and leukotrienes) are released. This response by the body is what causes the itching, swelling, sneezing, runny nose and eyes.

Individuals may also suffer from food allergies that may be exacerbated by dairy products, wheat, artificial coloring and preservatives and so forth. Food allergies may contribute to rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, migraines, hyperactivity disorders, ulcers, yeast infections, colic, Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome, ear infections, upper respiratory infections, and sinusitis. Some people may also be allergic to various environmental allergens such as perfumes, plastics, and other noxious chemicals both inside and outside.

Avoiding the aggravating allergens and eliminating the trigger foods are the first and best defense against suffering from the allergic condition. Keeping the immune system in top running order is also paramount. There are also herbal and nutritional supplements that may be helpful, too.

Quercetin acts by stopping the release of allergenic substances in the body. OPCs from pine bark may also be effective. Omega-3 essential fatty acids, as fish oils, also help because they inhibit leukotriene synthesis. Flavonoids and antioxidants (including vitamins C and E, selenium, and the carotenes) help provide important defense mechanisms against aggravating free radicals. Magnesium is known to relax the bronchial muscles allowing for better breathing. Ginkgo is known to also help improve respiratory function. Licorice and garlic also act as anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic herbal remedies. They act by inhibiting leukotriene and prostaglandin synthesis.

Partnering an anti-allergenic environment with a healthy lifestyle is key to the prevention of allergy attacks. Supplementing with the appropriate nutritional and herbal supplements can also help to increase the immune system function, while reducing the inflammatory response to allergens.

Your Solution Plan

  • Avoid aggravating allergens, pollens, dust, and molds
  • Avoid smoke, and other environmental chemicals
  • Take advantage of a high quality home air filtration system
  • Elimination diet for food allergies
  • Dairy-free, wheat-free diet, refined sugar-free diet
  • Healthy lifestyle program
Our Pharmacist's and Naturopath's Supplement Recommendations:
  • Herbs and Phytonutrients - quercetin, pine bark & grape seed extracts (OPC's), licorice, ginkgo, garlic, bioflavonoids, bee pollen, stinging nettle, coleus forskohlii, cat's claw, betaine hydrochloride
  • Antioxidants - grape seed extract, vitamins A, C, & E, selenium
  • Essential Fatty Acids - omega-3 and omega-6 (especially GLA and fish oils)

The following products are recommended by licensed pharmacists and naturopaths who have specialised in natural medicines and dietary supplements.
If you are currently taking medications or other dietary supplements, we highly recommend you ask your Pharmacist or Doctor for additional guidance.

Practitioner Range

Practitioner Products Warning:
These products are either of a higher potency or efficacy. Practitioner products in Australia are prescribed by either doctors or naturopaths and usually have higher doses based on the latest in research and development. By purchasing this item you certify that you are under the guidance of a qualified health care practitioner who can direct your proper use of these items.

BioCeutical Quercetain

Inflammation and Allergy Relief
Quercetin may downregulate the allergic response by reducing the release of histamine and supporting mast cell and basophil integrity.
Quercetin is an antioxidant bioflavonoid that provides nutritional support for healthy capillary tone.
Bromelains may provide temporary relief of mild knee pain and have demonstrated therapeutic value in modulating inflammation.
Bromelains are proteolytic digestive enzymes.

Metagenics Allergenics Respiratory Relief

Metagenics Oxygenics

BioCeuticals AntiOx Excel

Antioxidants help protect the body from the ravages of free radicals. Free radicals damage our DNA, cell membranes, and our immune system. They are a major factor in ageing, as well as degenerative diseases of the body and brain. Antioxidants are free radical scavengers which neutralize the destructive effects of these free radicals. Daily intake of antioxidant supplements as part of a healthy lifestyle protects us from the damages of these harmful free radicals. AntiOx Excel features a scientifically formulated blend of nutrients and herbal extracts to provide maximum protection against free radical induced damage. AntiOx Excel may be beneficial for oxidative stress, detoxification processes and as an adjunct for disease conditions that require antioxidant support.


Longeve-T is designed to provide antioxidant activity and support healthy ageing.
See your healthcare practitioner for additional information on Longeve-T.

B Vital

Vitamin and mineral support may help improve and maintain general well-being.
See your healthcare practitioner for an assessment of your nutrient needs.

Nutrition Care Formula 33SE Forte

Formula 33SE Forte is a high potency, well-balanced anti-oxidant formulation containing selenium and immune modulating vitamins, minerals, herbs and trace elements.  It has superior anti-oxidant activity for lipid and macromolecule protection against free radicals. Formula 33SE Forte contains primary anti-oxidants such as vitamin A, beta-carotene, ascorbic acid and vitamin E.  Synergism is obtained with the addition of co-factors for anti-oxidant enzymes.  These include zinc, copper and manganese for the Zn-, Cu-, Mn- dependent S.O.D. (Superoxide Dismutase) and selenium for glutathione peroxidase activity.  Both iodine and selenium are essential for proper thyroid function.

BioCeuticals UltraClean EPA/DHA Plus®

Essential fatty acids are "good fats" that are absolutely necessary for the reproduction of cells. We also need them as part of the many natural biochemical processes of the body. They are called "essential" because each cell in our body needs a supply of them each and every day. They are also called "essential" because they must be taken in from our diets or in supplement form. As part of a healthy lifestyle, supplementing daily with essential fatty acids helps to keep our bodies functioning at their peak. This formula combines the beneficial omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which are most important to our health. Omega-3 EFAs are utilised by the body in several key areas that help influence general wellbeing. As phospholipid components of cell membranes throughout the body, they support healthy cell function and fluidity. Additionally omega-3 EFAs provide anti-inflammatory activity, and also support the maintenance of healthy brain function and healthy triglyceride levels.

Our pharmacist's and naturopath's also compound 100% Natural and Alcohol Free Liquid Herb combinations. Please contact us for a FREE consult on your requirements.

More Products for Allergy

Melrose Omega Flax Seed Oil

Flaxseed Oil capsules are anti-inflammatory and especially recommended for the relief of inflammation associated with arthritis.
All Melrose Flaxseed Oil capsules are now Vegicaps. This gives everyone the ability to have a completely Vegetarian Essential Fatty Acid supplement in a capsule format. Vegicaps are made using a gelatine called Carrageenan sourced from seaweed.
We now simply refer to our capsules as Organic and Chemical Free. Both type come in 100 and 250 capsule pack sizes. Organic Flaxseed Capsules are in the traditional Melrose Purple label.Each capsule contains 1 gram of Flaxseed Oil. The adult dose is up to 10 capsules daily.

Brauer Allergy Relief

Brauer Hay Fever

Ethical Nutrients Eczema Shield

Ethical Nutrients Sinus And Hayfever Relief

Bug Bite/Itching Relief

Medi-Summer Gel (Great for itching, poison ivy/oak and bug bites)

Chigger Prevention (Sulfur / Potassium Acid Tartrate Troche)

Red Bug Remedy (Diphenhydramine / Tripelennamine / Hydrocortisone / Gel)

Insect Bite Foam (Hydrocortisone / Diphenhydramine / Lignocaine Topical Foam)


Sting Neutraliser Solution

Information on Allergy

Food Standards - Food Standards of Australia and New Zealand
Allergy Society - ascia - Australian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy

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