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The word prolotherapy literally derives from the Latin word "proli", which means to regenerate or rebuild. Prolotherapy is thus considered a non-surgical ligament reconstruction treatment. In other words, prolotherapy treatment causes a re-growth of ligament tissues and decreases joint, ligament or tendon pain. Prolotherapists believe by inflaming an injured joint or ligament, they can stimulate the body's natural ability to repair itself without the use of steroid shots, anti-inflammatory medications, or other mainstream pain treatments. This effect is accomplished by injecting the injured area with a compounded solution of dextrose (sugar), water, and an anesthetic solution. The combination of solutions irritates the tissue, and in turn initiates what prolotherapists call the "healing cascade". The inflammation causes the body to heal itself by increasing blood flow to the injured tissues creating new collagen, which strengthens and tightens ligaments and tendons, thus ultimately resulting in less pain.

Below is a comprehensive list of injectables that Your Solution Compounding Pharmacy has to offer. By law, we are not allowed to compound items that are commercially available, unless it is short supplied from the manufacturer. We are available on the Contact Us page here.

Prolotherapy (Compounded)

  • P2G
  • Plasma QU (Urea-Quinine)
  • Procaine Buffered - Preservative Free
  • Pumice / Lidocaine

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